Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome, Everything

Note: This entry is a work in progress. An advantage of my low readership!

“It is my thesis that what schools do not teach may be as important as what they do teach. Ignorance is not simply a neutral void; it has important effects on the kinds of options one is able to consider, the alternatives that one can examine, and the perspectives from which one can view a situation or problems. The absence of a set of considerations or perspectives or the inability to use certain processes for appraising a context biases the evidence one is able to take into account. A parochial perspective or simplistic analysis is the inevitable progeny of ignorance.” ~ Elliot Eisner

Unitarian Universalism, affirms inherent worth wherever we find it... which is everywhere. We celebrate diversity, and recognize the humble scantiness of our knowledge in proportion to what might potentially be known. We always have much to learn, and part of our journeys is the search for meaning in any environment.

We recognize that every individual has a unique lifelong path.

We also understand ourselves as life long learners. We learn and grow throughout the course of our lives, and as we learn and grow in all aspects of self, of course we do in spiritual understanding. Our beliefs deepen, or drop away, or shift focus. Our understanding of the world changes. Our spiritual path continues, for all of life. Each breath continues our journey.

We further understand that no one can dictate the path of another, or convert another. We value freedom highly, and conciously chose to be supportive of each other's varied and unique journeys.

We believe in opening oursleves up to all the wisdoms of the world, our own heritages and the unique and inestimable perspectives of many peoples different from ourselves. Nothing is cut away. No knowledge is restricted. There is no One Right Way To Be.

The null curriculum (1) is eliminated.

1.null curriculum

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