Salty Betty (Farmers' Market Fare)

A brief menu of products I sell through farmers' markets and similar venues--please note that a combination of these condiments, cooking aids, and snacks make an extraordinary gift basket or box for the discerning home cook!

Product List

Whole Lotta Lovage
With a taste similar to celery, this aromatic salt uses Rumtopf Farm lovage to add a little oomph to just about everything. Substitute it generously for plain salt in soups and stews or sprinkle directly onto vegetables or pasta. Rub into meats 24 hours before cooking to allow flavour to permeate the flesh.

Oh My Oh Meyer Lemon
This complex finishing salt with notes of clove and anise is the perfect grace note to dress up a plain chicken breast, fish fillet, or slice of pork for a simple yet elegant meal.

Tomato Garlic Salt
Organic heritage tomatoes and garlic, both grown in Lunenburg County, make this cooking salt a household favourite for zesting up soups and stews.

Vanilla Salt
Sprinkle this finishing salt on seared scallops or melt into unsalted butter to serve with lobster. It’s also wonderful on salted caramels, chocolate truffles, and gingerbread cookies!
Garlic Chile Salt
Épices de Cru chiles and intense local garlic make an intensely flavoured salt—perfect for chili or to sprinkle on popcorn. Warning: Use in moderation!
All-Purpose Beef Seasoning
Organic fair trade brown sugar, French sea salt, and Épices de Cru chiles bring out the beefy flavour in any steak, roast, or ground chuck. Rub into meat several hours before cooking.

Caramelized Onion Salt
The concentrated flavour of slow-caramelized onions in this salt infuses any savoury dish with deliciousness!

Salty Betty's Sweet and Salty Peanuts
Candied organic peanuts with a light dusting of freshly ground chile and salt. Warming: extremely difficult to stop eating.

Salty Betty's Orange Blossom Cinnamon Peanuts
Candied organic peanuts infused with a light orange and cinnamon glow.

Lemon Rose Sugar
Organic lemon juice, golden sugar, and the finest rose water create a flavoured sugar beyond compare. Perfect in black tea or over your favourite berries.

Moroccan Coffee Spice
A traditional  blend of freshly ground Moroccan spices transform an everyday coffee into a sublime experience. Recommended with Laughing Whale’s Espresso Roast.

Chive Flower Vinegar
The perfect vinegar for salad vinaigrette—works especially well with dark greens, lettuces, and fruits.

Maple Rum Vinegar
Called “magic sauce” in our house, this sauce lends a sophisticated maple flavour to chicken and pork without the sweetness of syrup. An easy, delicious solution for busy nights!
Strawberry Tarragon Vinegar
This sweet and summery vinegar is all you need to dress up your fresh market greens. Add 3 parts extra virgin olive oil to 1 part vinegar for a balanced vinaigrette.

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