Sunday, January 6, 2008


The other night I went to a meeting at the Lunenburg library to brainstorm ways to involve the South Shore Regional Library in community development. What fun!

I was raised to revere libraries, and librarians. As an autodidact with an unschooling child, the public library is a particularly important institution in our lives. I'm proud to support the library with my dollars and my ideas, and I was priveleged to meet some of my neighbors who are doing the same. We talked about ways to help patrons evaluate source when they're searching for the information they want. We looked at the children's section together to think about how to make it as inviting as possible. We conjured a passel of program topics to bring people into the library.

If I hadn't already spent all my money going to seminary, I would become a librarian. In fact, if none of my current employment prospects work out, I may yet apply to MLIS programs. 'Cause my spirituality is definitely leading in the direction of a job with, say, dental benefits and vacation pay.

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