Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas Post

Ahhhhh, Boxing Day is my favorite holiday. It's 2 PM, I'm in pajamas, and that's not going to change until tomorrow.

All kinds of emotional bits and bobs are popping out in the afterparty of that minister post; here's some fluff to keep you kids amused while I get it all sorted.

Cool Shizzah My 4 Year Old Got For The Holidays:

Magic Wand that the house gnomes (Rinky, Dinky and Sly) procured from mermaids for King Charlie

Lace-Up Shoe, Plan Toys

Metal Kaleidescope, Schylling Toys

Natural Skittles Set from Camden Rose

Strength for Superheroes, compliments of the local grocery store

Battery-Free LED Flashlight Eyes Robot

Superman's Space Rocket/Playhouse and Flashlight Eyes Robot Sidekick

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