Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday we got together with a group of friends for a local foods potluck. We brought blueberries that I picked last fall at the Lunenburg County Winery--really just down the road from us--served with whipped creme fraiche and honey (recipe in the next post!) Here are a few highlights of the day:

Charlie learning from his favorite person in the world.

Playing pass the baby

Our gracious hosts!

Mama, poet, and culinary genius Alice Burdick.

(Most of) The Gang

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Sarah said...

Just wanted to leave you a note to say I'm loving reading your blog... your recipes sound delicious and it's great to read about your experiences of living in Lunenburg.

I stumbled upon your blog whilst googling the farmers' market, which we're hoping to visit very soon - we're another pretty 'green' family (husband, 1 year old daughter and me) who're very keen on local produce and sustainability. We are coming to stay for a couple of weeks in Lunenburg in just 5 days and we hope to move to the area permanently one day. Perhaps we'll cross paths at the farmers' market whilst we're in town?

Sarah, Ben and Lydia (