Sunday, August 19, 2007

Slow 'n Easy: Honey Garlic Roast

1 Roast for the Crock Pot (at the Lunenburg Farmer's Market, ask Kevin Veinotte what cut he recommends)
A Cup of Honey (we like the one Svenja Dee sells--the bees visit our flowers)
A Cup of Soy Sauce (still scouting a local source)
A head of Garlic (Try the hardneck garlic from Dot at the Mahone Bay Farmers Market--to die for)
A Splash of lemon juice (OK, not a lot of native citrus in Nova Scotia!)
Cayenne power to taste (er... planning on growing our own peppers next year)

1.First thing in the morning, sear the heck out of the roast in an iron pan. Get it smoky and a bit carbonized on the exterior. Do not fear heat! It is the friend of taste--plus the smell will help wake up any late sleepers in the household.
2. Put all ingredients except for garlic in crock pot. Put on low. Forget until lunch.
3. Press the garlic into the crock pot; swish everything around a bit with a spoon. Relid and reforget.
4. Hungry for dinner? Make some rice, a veggie, and voila! a tender, spicy, succulent repast is yours.

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