Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Foodie Food

If you told me a decade ago that I would be freaky about eating local
and treating myself to a compost bin for my birthday (the better to
grow my very own veg)--well, I'd have coughed Marlboro smoke in your face
with derision. But then I went to seminary, and I started going to
farmer's markets around the same time, so of course I got all
theological about it. Common UU parlance is "right relationship",
although I prefer "balanced relationship".

Despite the fact that everything we eat comes from living creatures,
American and Canadian cultures objectify food. We quantify it--
counting and controlling calories, nutritional content, portion
sizes... despite our obviously limited understanding of the
amazingly complex ways that we enteract with food (like breastmilk,
for starters!)

For me, unschooling is about letting go of control and
being fully with my child in our relationship as it unfolds. Slow
food is also about letting go of a control-based relationship and
participating lovingly with the world around me.

I cannot force myself into balance. I cannot have a qualitative
relationship with corporatized food. I can, however, foster a rich
sense of self and community through slow/local/organic food
practices. I think of it as feeding the whole self.

NOW don'tcha wanna come on my picnic?

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Egg Mama said...

I really, really do. :) I feel like I am so steeped in the fast food culture that it is next to impossible to slow down, though. Even the years that I was a vegetarian and ate mostly organic, and went to the farmer's market weekly, did not turn me into someone who could cook. I found myself eating haphazardly and often subsisting on Amy's Organics meals.

I have backslid tremendously since having dd...it seems very hard to even keep us eating nutritious food. I need a complete renewal of the relationship I have with food.

I was just in Greece and while they do not consciously "eat healthy" there, there is a much healthier relationship to food IMO. Food is fresh and tied to social rituals and is rarely rushed. I miss it!