Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Shit Trip

I wanted to figure out a few things, spiritually speaking.

So... I went to church. I signed up to teach Sunday school. I ran a church's religious education program.

I went to seminary for four years (seriously. I did that.)

It's come to this.

The Grand Theology of the Shit Triplicate (or "Shit Trip" for short)

1. Shit Happens

God doesn't do it to me. I don't (particularly)deserve it. I don't attract it. It simply happens. Into every life a little shit will probably fall, and there's no controlling how or how much or when. Being rich won't protect you. Being "white" won't protect you. Nothing will protect you.

Where meaning enters the picture is when you, after the fact, make some.

2. We don't know Shit

The universe is massively, stunningly, immesurably complex, interconnected, and delicately balanced. It works in ways that we do not fundamentally understand--and the more we learn, the more obvious this becomes. Messing around with life in a way that changes whole systems is usually a really, really bad idea--although people don't usually want to admit this until it's too late.

Uranium mining comes to mind.

3. It's all a big Cycle of Shit

Shit comes and shit goes. Sometimes it seems like a bad dream, and sometimes you're right in a huge pile of it. As my three-year-old would say, "and then the bacteria eats it and it turns into dirt and it isn't stinky any more. And then life starts over."


(This is, obviously, the Extreme Reader's Digest version. If you want to learn more, you can email me privately or just wait for the book.)

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