Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lemon-Pickled Scapes

  1.    I don't like pickles. Or at least I didn't until I realized that what I really dislike about them is A) vinegar and B) the bendy quality vegetables get after a pickle jar is immersed in hot water in order tobecome shelf stable. In fact, neither of those aspects is at all necessary to enjoy a pickle! In recent months I have been going pickle-crazy, immersing all my fave veggies in a lemon juice brine and putting them directly in the fridge. They won't keep longer than a couple months and they can't be kept on a shelf, but they're an easy, fantastic bit of something something to have on hand for anytime snacking. If you're simply not a scapes person, try this recipe with carrots, cucumbers, or any other vegetable you like.

    ·         1/2 pound garlic scapes 
    ·         2 hot chile peppers, sliced with seeds (jalapeno, serrano, or whatever crops up in your garden or farmers' market)
    ·         2 " cube of fresh ginger, sliced 
    ·         3/4 cup lemon juice
    ·         3/4 cup water
    ·         1 tablespoon salt

    Trim the heads and cut ends off the scapes and cut into short pieces so that they resemble green beans.
    Toss scape pieces with sliced peppers and ginger. Fill mason jars nearly full, packing mixture tightly.
    Combine lemon juice, water, and salt in a separate container, then pour over mixture in jars until full to the brim. Cover tightly and transfer to the refrigerator immediately. Allow pickles to flavour up for about a week before opening. Enjoy!

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