Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I was driving into Halifax Sunday morning, trying to decide whether I should say the word "shit" in my sermon. Poopie? Crap? Nothing else quite fit the bill, particularly since the context was "Shit Happens" (my central theological belief). I was concerned about giving offense, on the other hand. It was a close call.

Then I had a sign.

It was the McDonald's marquee on Quinpool Road. I looked up as I was driving along and read, "Come in and try our new Anus Burgers!"

And I said, "OK, I guess I'm going to say shit."

So I did. The congregation loved it.

(Lo and behold, I had a camera in my purse. Check back for pics soon.)


Egg Mama said...

ROTFL. I'll be thinking of anus burgers every time I pass a McDonalds...hopefully it will keep me from eating there! I'm glad your sermon went well. I think people are always glad to hear that the clergyperson is human and uses normal expletives from time to time.

Green Betty said...

He he... sadly, I no longer define myself as a clergyperson, although I'm still a theologian and a preacher. Happily, my writing career is really taking off. But the more I move in that direction, the farther away I get from ministry (and frankly, 5 years out of seminary without making it into a pulpit of my own is already pretty far).