Monday, May 19, 2008

Memory Lane

From our wedding invitation, 51/2 years ago:

Our ceremony will take place on the outdoor patio of Janos. The reception will take place inside J Bar, with dancing on the outdoors patio. The ceremony at 1 PM will be very informal (wear jeans if you want!)and will be followed by an hors d'oeuvres and beverage reception. We're very excited to have a chef who supports sustainable agriculture and uses local heirloom crops.

Our menu:

Ceviche Shooters
Chorizo, Nopalito, and Chile Quesadillas
Jerked Pork Flautas
Scallop Tostones with Spicy Yellow-Eyed Beans
Achiote Chicken Chilipatas with Mole Verde
J Bar Cones with Tepary Beans, Roasted Corn, Smoked Poblanos and Roasted Garlic Aioli

J Bar Margaritas
Mexican Beers
Guadalajara Coolers

Chile Chocolate Goddess Wedding Cake (this, and the wedding favour truffles, were both from Vosges)


Egg Mama said...

OMG...can I travel back in time and attend your wedding, just for the CAKE alone?!?

(and of course to see you get hitched as well ;))

Green Betty said...

Man, I wish you could. It would have been great to have you there. And Ross was there, bless him, he flew in from LA.

And the afterparty at a friend's house was apparently the party of the century. They kept calling us on our cells as we drove north for our honeymoon with updates. All kinds of interesting things happened that night.

Egg Mama said...

Aw, Ross. I remember when he won the coffee-drinking contest at Bob's Underground and he was standing outside in the middle of the night talking really loudly and rapidly about how he was sweating from the caffeine...

Green Betty said...

I remember that! It was some crazy phenomenal number of cups, like 27.

Good times, good times.