Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Everyone in the house has DIY foodie fever lately. I'm obsessing over what to freeze and salt, Charlie has his perfect cookies, and John has... hops.

Or to be more precise, he will have hops. Next summer. Towering over us, if everything goes right. (Note: I said John was growing them, not me. So they probably will actually work out.) At 25 feet, they should give the neighbors something to talk about. We found this fellow selling rhizomes over in the Valley. I smell a field trip.

And yes, we're turning them into beer. What the hell else is there to do with hops?


Ania Vesenny said...

25 feet? I'll have to see that.

Green Betty said...

Lol, if you can't make it here I bet there'll be a picture in the local paper. They photographed our boat when we parked it in a no parking zone, I'm sure they won't be able to resist the hops.

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